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June 7, 2015

ernest binkman

Pink Book App promotion tour

First book event goes awry

This is no way to start a promotion tour.

The first of a three-month, multi-state book tour to promote The Pink Book of Silly Songs childrens app turned chaotic when Ernest A.W, Binkman III, a costumed character of the book app, and an amusement park mascot got into a tiff.

The event was held at the Fairy Tale Forest Amusement Park gift shop. Over twenty children as well as the park mascot, a dwarf named Sneezy, attended the event. Early in the presentation, the dwarf began sneezing loudly.

"That's when things started getting crazy," said parent Carol Richardson. Binkmans character is a sour old librarian and according to Richardson, he plays it well.

"I sneezed. That's what I'm supposed to do," said Josh Stevens, the employee inside the dwarf costume. "Next thing I know Binkmans pointing his long finger at me, shoving Kleenex up my rubber nose and spraying disinfectant in my face"

Children laughed and screamed and thought it was part of an act - even while Binkman was escorted out of the park.

Next stop: Giggle Wiggles Toys. Stay tuned.

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